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Brandon will courageously represent conservative principles in the legislature, focusing on solutions that better our communities and drive economic prosperity.
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Brandon is a dynamic engineer and businessman who has had enough of the left’s authoritarian policies. His chief priority is to protect our civil liberties from government overreach and to be a positive force in Texas politics.
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Limited Government

Educational Freedom

Fiscal Responsibility

Election Integrity

Border Security

Protecting Children

Energy Independence

Jobs and Innovation

Brandon on the issues
Brandon will NEVER take a cent from special interest groups or lobbyists; so, we need your grassroots support to win—every dollar donated makes a tremendous impact and will help us bring integrity back to Texas politics.
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Brandon Copeland aims to be a strong voice for the people he represents. Feel free to get in touch with the campaign at any time via social media with your questions, comments, or concerns, and we will do our best to accommodate them.
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