Policies that Benefit the People of Texas

Brandon on the biggest issues we are facing in our beloved State, from Education to Robocalls

Texas Education

It's time to give educational freedom back to parents. It's time to provide Texas families with the resources they need to send their children to any school – public or private. It's time to have educational resources to follow the students, not the school districts. I will fight to pass legislation that will change how we fund education and provide parents with the vouchers they need to give their children the best opportunity for a bright future. 

Economic Prosperity

We are living in a moment of rapid technological innovation, and we want to build an innovative economy that protects consumer privacy, incentivizes entrepreneurs, and sustains small businesses. To accomplish this, we need legislative leaders who understand emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and deepfakes, quantum computing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, genome editing, as well as others.

I will work with my colleagues in the legislature to eliminate cumbersome regulations that harm new and small businesses, simplify the tax code, and reduce property taxes. Let's make Texas the global leader in innovation and economic freedom.

Election Integrity

We need trustworthy and verifiable elections, and with a rising number of cyberattacks, our elections are at risk. We need to create a new Texas Department of Cyber Security that will assist local election officials in identifying and preventing fraudulent activity and cyberattacks. I will fight to create more accessible, secure, and transparent elections in Texas.

Border Security

Illegal border crossings are a major root of criminal activity in Texas, fueling the human trafficking and fentanyl crisis, and right now, we are seeing a record number of illegal crossings.

The Texas border is vast, sharing 1,254 miles with Mexico, so securing it is a challenging task. I support completing the border wall in strategic areas, hiring more U.S. Border Patrol agents, and deploying advanced monitoring technology along the border – such as autonomous, rapid-response drones. In the Texas Legislature, we will continue to support local law enforcement in tackling criminal activity originating from the border.

Protecting Innocent Life

It is the role of the government to protect innocent life, and it is clear that unique human life begins at conception; at that instant, a new set of DNA is created — unarguably and scientifically, a unique genetic fingerprint of a human being. I will fight to ensure all innocent life is protected in Texas.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings has outlived its usefulness. Research shows that interruptions to a person's circadian rhythm caused by daylight savings can increase their risk of heart attack and cardiovascular morbidity as well as decrease their productivity and focus. Daylight savings has also been directly linked to an increase in fatal traffic accidents. I will introduce legislation to eliminate daylight savings in Texas.

Unsolicited Robocalls

Over the past year, Texas residents have received around 6 BILLION unsolicited robocalls, and we have had enough. Civil penalties and fines have not deterred these criminals and scammers. To stop the madness, I will introduce legislation to make funding or originating unsolicited robocalls a criminal offense.

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